Fiddle Faddle Cèilidh Band

David W Thomas

Lively and affordable cèilidh band for all occasions

Chris Rose: Dance Caller and MC


*Chris Sadler: Acoustic Guitar, Concertina, and Whistles


*Dave Thomas: Violin and Flute


 Fiddle Faddle Cèilidh Band, originally formed in the early noughties, specialise in cèilidhs with dance and music from the British Isles, Ireland and beyond.


Based in Greater London and Kent, Fiddle Faddle Cèilidh Band travel over a wide area in and around South-East England** to bring professional, lively and affordable cèilidhs for all occasions, big or small. Fiddle Faddle Cèilidh Band have a reduced on-stage footprint but still maintain a full sound. We are particularly suitable for smaller venues and those with noise restriction issues.


For larger events and budgets we can add extra musicians to suit.


We use acoustic instruments, quality HK Audio and Yamaha PA systems maintained and compliant with PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) standards. We also provide portable LED ambient stage lighting and have Public Liability Insurance.


*Chris Sadler and Dave Thomas are available as a vocal and instrumental duo.


**Greater London, Kent, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, the Isle of Wight. We also include Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex.




More to come......

Photographs by David Thomas and William Thomas-Dawkins

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